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Oh god! Not another blogging VC!

In healthcare on February 9, 2010 at 3:55 am

OK – so 4 or 5 years after Fred Wilson and Dave Hornik and Joi Ito and others started blogging, I am finally getting into the game.

While it is totally unverified, I think I am the first blogging healthcare-focused VC.  Of course one of you will tell me that’s not true.

I am a General Partner at Highland Capital Partners in Menlo Park, CA. My focus is on healthcare. The firm focuses on both Healthcare and Technology.  Read more about Highland here

This blog will be my take on things I find interesting in healthcare startups, venture capital in general, and all other stuff I like such as music, all forms of gadgets and new technology, etc etc.

The views here will be mine and mine alone – this is not an official Highland Capital Partners Blog.

The postings will be frequent at times, sporadic at others.  And I’ll be glad even even a few people decide to read what I write.

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